Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Saint Cupcake

I was looking for a cute care package to send off to a friend and I came across something heavenly...Saint Cupcake!

Their cupcake kits are just awesome. And only $21 with shipping included! That's a very cool deal! Each kit comes with 3 cupcakes of your choice, 3 icing options and then 3 decorating packs. Genius! You can also add extras if you want.

Simply Cool.


  1. Thank you so much for this idea. My friend was just deployed from Portland (where Saint Cupcake is based) to Iraq. I've been looking for some good care package ideas and this is great!

  2. I live in Portland and Saint Cupcake is a big hit here. I love the mini cupcakes that sell for $1. That way you can order several flavors instead of settling on just one.

  3. This is a great find! I can't wait to send this to my sister starting college next week! She'll be so homesick!