Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Life Size Edward Cullen Decal

Want Edward Cullen watching you while you sleep? Well here you go.

6' 2" tall and ready to keep you safe.


  1. That's a tad creepy! But I like the rest of the room...especially the view.

  2. I want that!!! :O omg awesome. I want that so badly. Team Edward 4everrrr

  3. Love. Love. Love it!!!

  4. LOL That Can Have 2 Different Meanings..
    Literal Be Safe.
    Then Sex safe! XD LMAO
    But I Looooveee Edward Cullen :D <3

  5. Hello,
    Some ideas to decorate in style include: life size cut outs of famous actresses and actors, movie reel tins centerpieces (type 'movie reel centerpiece' in search), large clapboards that you personalize, 'walk of fame' stars (you could make your own and include family and friends names on them), and of course balloons with a Hollywood theme.

    life size edward