Friday, July 24, 2009

Rad Hatter

Flashback - For mr. red's 1st birthday party last year, we hired The Rad Hatter...

...and have loved the rad hats ever since!

They are based in San Diego, CA, but had local staff come out for our party over in L.A. I just love how much whimsy, color, and fun these hats added to our party and especially the photos of our party!

They basically bring the rad hat station to you and your guests are free to decorate their rad hats to their hearts content! Adults and kids alike had so much fun creating their rad concoctions!

If you can't have the Rad Hatter come out to you, several of our friends have just set up their own rad hat stations. Painting and creating the plain rad hats out of regular brown paper bags, and setting up a buffet of adornments for their guests to decorate and simply be rad!