Thursday, July 9, 2009


You know I love me my Sprinkles. We had em for our son's 2nd Birthday Party, and we have yet to taste a red velvet cupcake that tops theirs. We're big fans and so imagine my excitement when I read about the SprinklesMobile!

Now they'll come to you with all their cupcake goodness. Oh how I want to book them for my next event, but the minimum is $2000! Hmmmmmmm. That's tough since our parties don't even cost that much! So until then, I'll keep dreamin.


  1. great idea, but way too expensive. Sprinkles cupcakes are good but they are not that good. - plus cant we all just get the williams sonoma kit? I think sprinkles should lower their price a bit, thats way too high for a cupcake catering business, during these times, I mean it's cupcakes, its not even the main dish!

  2. Love the red velvet! If the Beverly Hills crowd is buying, then they power to them for keeping their prices high. No different from Starbucks charging 4 bucks for coffee.

  3. i love sprinkles! going mobile is great for ate!