Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Love the vintage and retro look of Polaroid pics but can't get your hands on a classic Polaroid camera let alone some film? (Unfortunately, they discontinued it.) Well like Jesse McCartney says, "Don't Stress, Don't Stress, Don't Stress..." Poladroid has come to the rescue! It's a free downloadable software that gives your digital pics the same retro look of instant Polaroid pics!

It's as easy as it is cool! Just drag a digital picture onto the camera icon and listen for the famous *Polaroid click...zzzzz* The image pops up on the desktop! WAIT! Just like real Polaroids, you have to wait, wait and wait a few minutes for it to fully develop. There's even a virtual shake option if you want the full experience. We all remember the shaking right? You can even blow on your monitor if you want. We won't tell.

Best Part? They arrive print ready too! Thank you Poladroid, today is a new day indeed.


  1. this is so freaking cool! Thanks Mel! i'm gonna go crazy with this. i think i may even donate to the coolness.

  2. omg. this is really cool!