Friday, January 2, 2009


Ok, I confess that I haven't unwrapped all of "mr. red's" toys gifts yet. We're trying to span it out, so when he's really in need of some rainy day entertainment, I've got some secret weapons handy.

Ok fine, the truth is, I just can't bear another hard plastic clamshell case, with plastic bendy bindings, and wire ties that are impossible to get off, while our very impatient toddler melts down cause we just can't open the darn packaging to release the toy fast enough. My restless tot and sore fingers just can't take any more torture.

So God Bless Amazon. They recently launched Frustration-Free Packaging - an answer to every parents' prayer! Designed to alleviate "wrap rage," they use recyclable boxes that are easy to open and free of excess materials. The product itself is exactly the same - they've just streamlined the packaging.

It's on a pilot run for now, with only around 19 products in beta. So please support this so they'll continue it and add more to their Frustration Free Line!

Of course I find this out AFTER the holidays. So here's a Frustration Free Start to 2009.

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