Thursday, May 13, 2010

Butch Bakery

Move over buttercream...this is a Man's cupcake! Butch Bakery in NYC leaves the sprinkles and unicorns behind and introduces a "dude's" cupcake. Every manly treat is topped with a chocolate disc in awesome patterns like camo, woodgrain, houndstooth or plaid, and most of the flavors are cocktail-based. With names like Jackhammer, Rum & Coke, Mojito, Tailgate and Big Papi - we know this aint grandma's cupcake! We hear the B-52 is really the bomb! (Just sayin)

Sadly, for us westcoasters, we will have to wait a bit for these manly sweets. For now, they only deliver within NYC. They state that they will be able to ship throughout the US and the purple mountains majesty some time this year. So I can't wait to get Butch!

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