Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Drink Dispensers

Drink Dispensers are my latest addiction. And I've got it bad. I can't make it through a store without snatching one of these and placing it in my cart! The hubby's wondering what we're going to do with my current collection! It seems as though everyone, from Walmart to Crate and Barrel, has their own version of these tempting beauties!

Since the budget is tight, I've only been able to splurge on the cheaper acrylic options from Target and Walmart, but they look just as fabulous. Perhaps eventually, I can get my hands on some glass ones!

I can't wait to put these to use at some parties! Very cool. (Literally)


  1. They work for both hot and cold drinks! I was scared of the hot - but we put hot tea in one and iced tea in the other and it was a perfect refreshment!

  2. Perfect for lemonade...be sure to put lemon slices and mint leaves in it as well...presentation